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Watch New England Patriots NFL Game Live Stream Reddit

If you’re a fan of the New England Patriots and don’t want to miss a single play, then you’re in luck! With the rise of streaming services and social media platforms, it’s now easier than ever to watch NFL games live. In this article, we will discuss how you can watch the New England Patriots’ NFL games live stream on Reddit. Whether you’re at home or on the go, get ready to cheer on your favorite team from the comfort of your own device.

The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to watch games every week. While attending a game in person can be an incredible experience, not everyone can do so. Luckily, there are several options for watching NFL games from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will discuss how to watch NFL games on TV channels and live stream platforms.

New England Patriots TV Channels

One of the most straightforward ways to watch NFL games is through TV channels. In the United States, the NFL has broadcasting agreements with several networks, including CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Each network will air different games throughout the season, with CBS and FOX primarily showing Sunday afternoon games, NBC broadcasting Sunday Night Football, ESPN hosting Monday Night Football, and the NFL Network featuring Thursday Night Football.

To watch games on these TV channels, you will need a cable or satellite TV subscription that includes the respective network. Most basic cable packages include CBS, FOX, and NBC, while ESPN may require a higher-tier package. The NFL Network is sometimes included in select cable packages, but it can also be purchased as an add-on. Check with your local cable or satellite provider for available options.

Live Stream Platforms

In recent years, live stream platforms have become increasingly popular for watching NFL games. These platforms allow you to stream games directly to your computer, smartphone, smart TV, or other streaming devices. Here are some popular live stream platforms for watching NFL games:

How To Watch

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is the official streaming service of the NFL. With a subscription, you can watch every NFL game live, including preseason games and the playoffs. Game Pass also offers a variety of other features, such as condensed game replays and access to the NFL Films archive.


ESPN+ is a streaming service that offers a wide range of sports content, including NFL games. While it doesn’t include games that are broadcast on ESPN, ESPN+ provides access to out-of-market Monday Night Football games and some additional NFL content.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is a streaming service that offers live streaming of CBS programming, including NFL games. It’s a great option if you’re interested in watching games that are broadcast on CBS. CBS All Access also includes access to exclusive shows and on-demand content.

FOX Sports App

The FOX Sports App allows you to stream FOX Sports programming, including NFL games. You’ll need to log in with a cable or satellite TV provider to access live streaming on the app.

NBC Sports App

The NBC Sports App provides live streaming of NBC Sports programming, including Sunday Night Football. Similar to the FOX Sports App, you’ll need to authenticate with a cable or satellite TV provider to access the live stream.

Sling TV

Sling TV is an internet-based streaming service that offers a variety of channels, including ESPN, FOX, and NBC. Sling TV offers different packages that you can customize to include the channels you want. It’s a great option for cord-cutters who want access to NFL games without a traditional cable subscription.

When using live stream platforms, it’s important to have a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth streaming experience. It’s also worth checking if the platform offers any free trials or promotions to help you decide which option is best for you.


There are multiple options for watching NFL games on TV channels and live stream platforms. Whether you prefer traditional cable TV or the convenience of streaming, you can find a method that suits your needs. No matter how you choose to watch, sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrilling action of the NFL.

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